Monday, April 27, 2009

ZNN returns, and he brings his right hand man.

So sorry for the disappearing act I pulled last week. To be honest with you, I don't have as much fun writing about the losses as I do the wins. To be even more honest with you, I'm lazy as shit.


ZNN pitched well enough to get the win yesterday, including striking out that Johnny Lannan wanna-be David Wright three times. Seriously, though..what's up with Wright trying to take a run at Johnny for the best eyebrows in the game?

Get your own fucking gimmick, David Wright Wrong (BURN!). (Also, to appreciate Johnny's eyebrows to the utmost, it is imperative you see this picture. Simply magnificent.)

Anywhoo, ZNN threw just over 100 pitches last night with 62 of them strikes. He threw four pitches, and was even changing speeds on his fastball. He did his job, limiting the Mets to one run on six hits while striking out five. He left the offense to his main man, JESUS!, however. The Venezuelan Messiah crucified the Mets going 3-4 with a two run HR, 3 RBI and 1 BB.

I managed to sneak into the clubhouse after the game, and found the two of them holding court in the corner. I snapped me a pic...

I must admit...I had a strong moral dilemma with the picture above. I mean...who do you choose to be God, and who gets the Jesus spot? I eventually gave Jesus the Jesus spot because, well, his name happens to be Jesus.

One last thing for you guys...I managed to find what has to be the worst headline since the Adam Dunn signing when everyone was using the "Dunn Deal" pun. Oh...Bill Ladson, you rapscallion you!

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Puttzy said...

pact to see faces on the minions next time too!