Thursday, May 2, 2013

I've figured out what the 'M' means!

This has always stumped me:

What does the 'M' stand for? Well, after ZNN's last two games, we have come to the only logical conclusion. 

The M stands for Motherfuckingbadassmotherfucker.  I must commend Mr and Mrs Zimmermann for realizing early on what they had, and naming him appropriately. I picture it as such:

Pan to a room in a hospital. Mrs. Zimmermann has just given birth to Jordan, and she's cradling him as Mr. Zimmermann looks on.
"Mr. Zimmermann, we haven't given Jordan a middle name yet," says Mrs. Zimmermann.
"You're right, Mrs. Zimmermann," replies Mr. Zimmerman. "Any ideas?"
"I was thinking Mitchell, maybe?"
"Mitchell?" replied Mr. Zimmermann. "Mitchell?! Our son here is no Mitchell. Look at his right arm, his eagle like stare, and his stern disposition. He was born to be a warrior of unseen epic-ness. The man who could bring cheers to thousands of people that have endured years of sorrow and pain. No, this is no Mitchell. Do you know what we got here, Mrs. Zimmermann?"
"I don't, Mr Zimmermann. Please, let me know. What do we have here?"
"You know what we got here? Mother fucking Charlie Bronson. Mr. Majestyk. One Motherfuckingbadassmotherfucker. But we will shorten that to M."
"Hells. Yes," replied Mrs. Zimmermann."*

Yup. 100% true story of what went down. Now, when does the league start calling him M. Otto? Cause all this Motherfuckingbadassmotherfucker does is take hitters to school.

*This may seriously be the dumbest thing I've ever written. And I've written some really dumb, stupid, idiotic nonsense before. My apologies for the time you wasted. I love you all. 
/blows a kiss at the computer screen. Get it! Get it!

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