Tuesday, July 8, 2008

14 of 25

Excuse my monkey math, please, cause I might be wrong on 1 or 2 peeps (I think just 1).
Of the original 25 man roster to start the year, 14 of them fuckers have gone on the DL. 5 of them have been on the DL more than once. FOURTEEN players for a total of 19 trips. (This may be wrong, because I counted Ryan Wagner. Was he on the 25 man to open the season?)
How do these 14 spread across the roster?

2 of the 5 starting pitchers (Rental, Hill(twice))
Both the starting, and back up catchers (LoDu and Estrada, both twice. Remember, JESUS and Wil weren't called up until the injuries )
Both 1B guys (Slick, Meat)
Starting 2B (Belly)
Starting 3B (Zimm)
The complete starting OF (WMP/Dukes (twice for Dukes), Milledge, Kearns)
Closer (Cordero)
One reliever (Wagner)

So, we have only had 1 consistent position player (GOOZ!) and 2 starting pitchers (Redding/Lannan). Remeber, this rotation has had Bergmann, Chico, Mock, Balester, and Clippard start in the 4/5 spots. The good news? The bullpen has been very healthy. The bad news? The bullpen has been awful ('cept for the Wookie, he's been OK.).

Bring on the Diamondbacks, damnit. Tonight, it's Lannans vs. Owings. Bring forth the wins, fellas. Oh, btw...Jimbo...I'll be in the stands tomorrow in case someone else breaks and you need a player.

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Puttzy said...

Back in the steroids day of baseball, you wouldn't have had a whole team falling apart. Ahh the good ol' days