Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm beginning to see a pattern here

Hey, kids! Let me know if this sound familiar:
Nats OF Wily Mo Pena had successful surgery performed in Cincinnati this morning by Dr. Tim Kremchek. The Nats are saying that Pena will be out four to six months; he'll be ready for spring training. According to the release, Kremchek repaired a "significant" tear of Pena's rotator cuff, as well as the tear and fraying of his posterior labrum. (props to Chico.)

Now, I know dudes get injured playing this sport, but what THE fuck? First, we didn't even know WMP was injured, we just thought he sucked. Really bad. Then, he's got a shoulder issue. A minor one. Here's a little timeline showing the progression of Wily's "issue".To paraphrase Manny(7/11):
He's been battling a nagging left shoulder issue for a little bit. There's a chance he might have some tests done during the All-Star break.
Well, the MRI revealed a little bit of an injury, and they prescribed some rest, and he'll be back to hitting straight ball very far(7/14). So, he gets placed on the DL, and then the front office blows my fucking mind with the season ending surgery news above(7/22).
Now, all over the chat boards, the latest from the drooling masses is "Good riddance! Cut him! See you later, WMP! You Suck! Can we please cut bait on this guy?!"
Ignorant dick faces. Every single one of them. I may have been guilty in the past of calling him names (What was it..Weapons of Mass Penis eating?), and comparing him to Pedro Cerrano, but I never once called for his head. There's a $5MM option the team can pick up on him next year. I recommend they don't pick that up, but that's not because I don't want him on next year's squad. He has a player option of $2MM he can pick up that will put him on the roster next year (That is assuming no one offers him more than $2MM/yr...which no one from this planet will.), and I welcome him back with open arms. Why? Well, I do need someone to pick on, sure, but look at this stat... the number of at bats between home runs:

2002: 18
2003: 33
2004: 13
2005: 16
2006: 25
2007: 22
2008: 97

Which one of those numbers stick out like Austin Kearns at the Willie Harris family reunion? Exactly. This year's stats are outside his lifetime norm. He was taking an anti-inflammatory all year, and even took a cortisone shot, so that shoulder had to be fucking with him. Don't forget that dude will still only be 26 next year, either!

Okay, let's look to better things. We get Zim back tonight, and Milledge started rehab yesterday (hit a home run in his GCL appearance), so we're getting closer to some of the regulars getting back. I could enjoy an outfield of Harris/Milledge/Kearns for awhile. Now, let's go kick some ass, shall we?

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