Thursday, July 31, 2008

If this doesn't get done......

Snippet from Chico Harlan's chat with Jim Bowden yesterday.

Q: Speaking of pitching/progress, has any been made with (first-round pick) Aaron Crow in negotiations?


Q: Do you think you'll have him signed by the Aug. 15 deadline?

Don't know that.

We're working hard trying to sign all the guys that are unsigned.

"We're working hard" isn't good enough, Jimbo. I can't state that enough. If you didn't think you could sign the guy, don't fucking draft him. Are you trying to use the media as a leverage device? If so, let us know why he's not signed. Is he asking for the moon? You guys have not had a problem signing above slot before, how about now? What are you offering? Get us, the public, on your side, dude!

Again; Jimbo, you fuck this up, you dead dawg. I ain't even bullshitting. My hand to Jesus.

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