Monday, July 21, 2008

Heavens to Murgatroyd!

First off, I thought it was spelled "Mergatroid", but who the fuck am I to argue with Wikipedia?

Secondly, who are you, and what have you done with my Nationals? You better return them unhurt, or so help me God! Actually, keep Flop. And Estrada, too. The brief rundown of yesterday:

15 runs; 17 hits; 2 2B; 2 HR; 13 RBI.

That's a new Nationals record for runs (you don't count, Canada), and season highs in hits and RBI. How did the guys do individually? Well, first let me just say that TEH GOOZ went hit less. He did manage to score a run, though, so he's still my boy. Wee Willy Harris had 5 RBI, Kearnsie scored 5 times, Jesus was 5 for 6 with 2 RBI, and Longerhands even got into the act (2 hits, 1 RBI).

If you're keeping score at home (Shut up. No you aren't. LIAR!), that's 29 runs in the last 3 games. For you math disabled, that's 9.666 runs/game. My God. I think the water from the Anacostia River has leaked into the clubhouse and mutated our boys into Superheroes. I just hope Luis will let me try on his cape. ::gasp!:: ::squeeeee!::

OK. Off day for the fellas today, and a three game set in San Francisco starts tomorrow. Guess who's back for this series, btw??

Yes sirree, he whose name cannot be mentioned will be manning 3rd again. MEAT becomes the latest casualty. I'm actually shocked it took 4 days for the latest injury to occur. That's gotta be a record for this year.

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