Wednesday, July 9, 2008

That there offense is firing on all cylinders!

Jesus. Christ. No, not you, Joe Flowers....the one from the bible. I have nothing at all to say about last night's performance. Instead? I look forward to tonight, where one frequent commenter and one frequent lurker attend the game with my better half and I. In honor of JoeyDanny's visit, I brought the Diamondbacks to town (how was Phoenix?). For the Doctor allowing me to take him to his first ever Nationals Park experience, I dedicate the rest of this post to something near and dear his heart. NASCAR, Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR), and Tony Stewart.
Turn left. Lord, let my driver win. Fuck these Toyotas. (respectively.)

Yes, Tony asked to leave JGR so he could drive some American nameplates. Joe turned the other cheek and released him early from his contract. Jokes on you though, Tony. Hope you have fun burning in HELL!

In all seriousness, all Joe Gibbs needs to do is get Lance Berkman in a driver suit and no one will know Tony left. (Zero wins? Yeah, Lance could do that.)

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