Tuesday, September 9, 2008

DIE, Mets!

Hi there. How have you been? Good to hear. Me? Well, I've been lazy, but I have watched all of the Nats games this past weekend. How bout that crazy Hammer hands, huh? And we thought Cordero was giving us heart attacks! How bout that 15 inning affair? DOOKS! goes 0-6, but it's all good, as he comes up large with a bases clearing double in the top of the 15th.
So, what's new with you guys? Great, great.

A short trip to New York for the boys. Games today and tomorrow, then on to Florida. I really would like to sweep this little 2 game series because.....well.... I hate the fucking Mets. Ain't the level of hate that I have for Utley, no, but it's pretty big.

Tonite is the battle of the eyebrows, as Johnny Lannans takes on (hold on, lemme check here....) Olivier Perez. Beauticians everywhere will be screaming at the TV whenever close-ups of the starting pitchers will be shown.

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