Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What to make of Zuckerman and Lemke's column..

If you haven't read the Zuckerman/Lemke piece on the state of the Nationals, you owe it to yourself to find the time to do so. It's a very....enlightening read.
I need a few hours to write a decent post on it, and the last few days at work haven't allowed for that. I'm heading out to our last Nationals game tonight, so hopefully I can bang it out tomorrow. There are some serious, serious issues to address.
Now, I'm hoping for two in a row. On another note, I swear every game we go to Redding is fucking throwing. No offense to the guy, but can't we see someone else throw in person? C'mon Capt. Redd, be a damn team player! (Team nats nation in this instance.)

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Anonymous said...

Wait until Chico's piece comes out...he said he was going to have one with a similar angle, although I don't know if he's gonna take the team to task.