Friday, July 24, 2009

Mets fans make awesomely awesome t-shirts

And by awesomely awesome, I mean horribly horrible.

I was going to post this via my Twitter feed while at the game on Tuesday night, but thought I'd save it for a wider audience (wider by... like 7, I suppose). I was on my way to the beer kiosk (shocker, I know) when I saw these Mets fans at a chili dog stand (even bigger shocker, I know).

Now, I'm not sure where to begin on this shirt... but it was super intriguing to me. First, they ditch the "g" from the front of the word nats. Why? I guess maybe they're being informal, and wanted to keep it consistent with the "da" right before it? Or maybe they had to pay by the letter, and couldn't afford the "g"? Maybe still (and bear with me hear, cause it's a big stretch) the person who designed the shirt really didn't know that the insect was called a gnat? Either way, the spelling of that word confuses me.

Second, doesn't Mr. Met look... well... different? Why is his head so small? I mean, the real Mr. Met's head is friggin HUGE! The body to head size ratio is all screwed up here. It took me a while to figure out what was going on with the whole shirt because I was fixated on this Mr. Met with a normal sized head. Aren't there any decent artists in NY any more?

Finally, did they think this shirt was a wickedly good burn on the Nats? I mean, seriously... this is like some kids in, like, I dunno... fucking Harvard spending good money on t-shirts that say, "Go Harvard! Beat West Kansas State Junior College in the Academic Bowl!"
Man the fuck up, Mets fans. Pick a real target. It takes a lot of guts to print a t-shirt that says you're gonna beat up the last place team in baseball. It takes even more guts to walk out of the game after you were shut out by the very same team you're trying to make fun of, though, don't it?

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Joseph Alexander said...

hahahaha love it. I think this was one of your best posts.