Thursday, July 30, 2009

Adam Dunn: Gentleman Extraordinaire! And a Drew Storen nickname update.

I had a good buddy of mine (The Doctor, who comments often) point this out to me yesterday. It appears that whenever either Adam Dunn or Josh Willingham do something good (say, hit a home run, or "Code Red" Flop in the home team clubhouse of Miller Park), Mr. Dunn insists upon shaking Josh's hand.

Evidence of this comes in the form of a crappy ass video that I spent 3 hours making into the wee hours of the night last night. It's a piece of shit, and I hope you're a good reader, cause the title pages fly by pretty quick, but overall, I had fun. (Not enough to ever... and I mean EVER do it again, though.) So... kick back, relax, and enjoy!

Not to be outdone by my marvelous video production, however, is this new addition to the Drew Storen nickname list. It came from an anonymous commenter back on my July 22 Drew Storen post. Revel in all it's glory:
Seems obvious to me. 22 Ks in his last 11 innings with one hit and no walks.

"El Drew K"

God Damn that's good. If I can ever get an hour or two to get all the nickname suggestions for Drew together, I'll make that it's own post.

2:05 game today, folks. The Nats are facing Yovani Gallardo who, even though he attended a high school known to produce... umm... not the brightest students (Example A: This picket sign), is actually quite astute in the pitching department. As the great Crash Davis once said, "don't think Meat, just throw." He'll have to throw his ass off if he hopes to avoid any handshaking today. Go get him, boys!


Puttzy said...

Dunn is just "all business." He's keeping it professional.

How the hell did you find that sign? Great investigative reporting!

pstoren said...

Especially love the slo-mo talking...makes it all worth listening to and watching!

Carl said...

Never mind Storen, I'd like to ask that we start calling Tyler Clippard "The Big Red Dog."

Joseph Alexander said...

Yeah, the slow-mo speech was pretty priceless. They sounded drunk to me.

Imagine baseball where all the TV analysts are drunk? Bet you'd LOVE Bob and Ron then, wouldn't you!

Anonymous said...

Notice Mr. Pat Listach (and most 3rd base coaches I can think of) also goes for the dignified congratulatory exhibition...none of this shameless ass-slapping or other horseplay!

Well played, sirs.