Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Jesus wants, Jesus gets.

While reading Chico Harlan's column about Jesus Flores, I came across this gem.
[Jesus] retold the story this week of his offseason request for new batting gloves. He wanted Nike to customize a model marked with his No. 3 and "J-Flo." The company responded that they did so only for all-stars, Flores said.

Screw you, Nike! Nobody puts Jesus in a corner. So, I took it upon myself to take care of my boy. Based upon this picture I stole came across on the internet (source here) below...

...I found Jesus' batting glove over at the Nike site, and designed one that I think fits him quite nicely. Behold...The Jesus Batting Glove of DOOOOOM!

Also reported...
Matt Chico threw in the bullpen this morning, just a light 30-pitch workout.

If that doesn't give you a nice tingling in your loins, you're dead to me. Long live our left coast lefty!

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Unknown said...

Just came across your blog (from a link through Bally's Blog). Keep up the good work!

-Sean from DC Sports Plus