Monday, April 21, 2008

Chico to the rescue.

It's ok, cause we've got the left coast lefty throwing today to stop our skid. He'll do his usual bang-up job, going 7 with 2 hits allowed, and 10 K's.

The bad news, though, is that Manny will turn to the bullpen (which used to rock out with their cock out..now? not so much.) and the lead* won't be held. Or will it? Only time will tell.

*may or may not be a lead. Why? Because outside of Gooz, Slick, and Flop, no one could hit a beach ball tossed underhand these days. (question to self - did I just compliment Flop? Might wanna start saying some prayers, folks, cause I think the apocalypse is upon us.)

I could show some stats, and write a thesis on the poor offense right now, but I'm not OMG. Please feel free to visit them, if you believe you have the time. All I'm going to do is pose this one question:

With a runner in scoring position, do you have any faith in the line-up at all, outside of the three I mentioned above, to drive them in? If you say yes, I call bullshit. You really think Kearnsie's gonna get them home? Milledge? WMP?!?! Estrada (Who still gets man love from me because of his stirrups)? Ryan Zimmerman, whose name is now mortal? I think I'd rather turn the TV off at this point, instead of watching them strike out, then ground into a double play.

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Rob said...

I feel your RISP pain. Forever etched in my memory for this season will be Marlon Byrd leading of the bottom of the 10th with a triple and the Rangers down by one, only to be stranded there including Jason Last-Chance Botts staring at a called third strike. Grrr.