Thursday, April 17, 2008


Highlights form last nights "game":

The good: Are you serious? Like seriously serious? OK, WMP had a nice running catch to his left. Kearnsie broke out of his homer slump. Yay!

The bad: Zim struck out looking while he was the tying run in the 7th. He left 3 on base, and is something like..1-857 with runners in scoring position this year. Kearnsie continues to be red hot in GIDP's. Yay! Chico allows 3HR's and walked 3 in 5 innings. He also threw 107 pitches. Fuck, Matty, why not just make it an even 125 pitches? Much easier to read the box score that way.

The Ugly: Cordero tops out at 82 mph for the night. Did Patterson pass on his virus to Chad before he left? Damn him! ::shakes fist:: Team batting average for the Nats? If you guessed .227, you're right! When Willy Harris (the hitting coach) was asked about it, he came up with this amazing answer:

"Concerns?" he said. "No. Not at all. Not at all." [Barry] asked what he was working on with certain guys. "Everything," he said. "These guys hit more than three and four baseball teams. They hit every day. We just need to execute in the game."

Re-read that bolded sentence. OK, now read it again. WHAT? O.o Is that English? Can someone please explain to me what the fuck he's talking about? My brain is about to explode trying to figure that out.


Rob said...

You are a very negative fan.

Phishisgr8 said...

I'm not a negative fan. I mean I try not to be, but when you've lost 10 of 11, and the offense is anemic, and the bullpen (besides Saul) is in trouble, it's hard to be positive.

I'll be the first one screaming from the rooftops, "The Nationals rock my world. I'd like to bear their children!"

They just haven't earned that, yet.

Puttzy said...

Here is a nugget for ya'll. Since someone here felt like taking a cheap shot at one Mr Crosby.

In the last 4 games the Penguins (a flipping hockey team) has out scored the National 16-9. You have to add up the total runs from the last 7 games of the Nationals before you get to 16 runs.

And people say there isn't enough scoring in Hockey. Obviously they aren't watching the Nats who must be using some kind of big red oversized hollow bat.

Andrew Fox said...

Yes, but unlike the Penguins, who tank games only when it suits them, the Nationals are legitimately bad.

Phishisgr8 said...

Tanking games!! BURN!! What's your retort to that, Mr. Penguins fan?
Of course they beat the Senators, they knew they were going to play em before the seeds were locked up. Lots o'scouting time.

Puttzy said...

Tank a game win a series. Why defend that? Seems logical to me