Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wil with walk-off

Well, I had my Mr. Walk-Off shirt on last night, just had the wrong silhouette. Let me just sum up that 9th inning with this..

That's what the fuck I'm mother fucking talking about!

The bomb dropped into the bullpen, right in front of us. If it wasn't a 20 foot drop, I would've jumped for it.

Cordero was going nuts. Absolute bat shit crazy. Hammerhands grabbed the ball and stuffed it into his back pocket. I'm sure he had a present for Wil.

Luis gave me a nod and a wave, so the streak continues.


Rebecca said...

You should have jumped for it - I wanted that ball.

Puttzy said...

A real fan would have gone after it. Regardless of any repercussions.

Rob said...

Remember that dude in the Super Bowl who jumped for the extra point out of the stands? Somewhere his shaking his head at you in shame.

Phishisgr8 said...

Look. I would've loved to have that ball as much as everyone else. Really. But fuck if I'm risking paralysis for it.
That guy who jumped for the extra point?
Re-fucking-tarted. I heard he has to wear a helmet everywhere he goes now.