Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Luis for President!

Mi hermano, Luis, was in fine spirits last night. It started out with the usual head nod and peace sign. Then he started fucking around with all the relievers, doing goofie shit like flicking their ears from behind. We asked him if we could get a picture, and he obliged. He was doing some weird posing, then decided to walk over to Cordero. As you can see, he placed a hex on Chad, and his fucking arm fell off when he went out to pith the 9th inning. Lesson learned, folks? Nobody fucks with the Luis.

He asked the Mrs. if she would like a ball. I think all she managed was a meek nod, like a 10 year old would do.

His final wicked awesome act of the night (besides destroying the Braves lineup with his laser like precision and accuracy?) was to play around with one of the ems/police dudes that hang out in the bullpen (making the entire section smell like bacon all the while). I saw him trying to place this on some of the guys, but both O'Connor and hammer hands caught him. Anyway, he was talking to the ems/cop and convinced him to come out into the bullpen area and wave to the fans. I was giggling like Ray King at Five Guys, but managed to get this shot. Click the picture for the large image, and laugh. Bonus points to the other two ems/cops for not telling their homey. They were busting their guts, though.

So, finally my friends, I beg of you. I implore you. Please, when you strike your vote this November for the person who shall lead our land...write Luis in. I know he's Mexican, but hell..that might as well be part of the United States.
Bonus points to anyone who can come up with a wicked cool nickname for Mi hermano, Luis. No, it can't be "Mi hermano", either.


Puttzy said...

Wait -fuck the nickname shit. You were near a cop and didn't tell him off and get arrested? Wow, many props to RJ for that!!

Onto the nicknames:
Senior Lanzador(thrower in espanol)

Rob said...
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Phishisgr8 said...

Jesus Christ. I had to edit a comment? Look, I got no problem with you guys saying fuck and shit all you want, but don't do what you did, Mr. commenter.
For the record, Luis would fuck your shit up. He's just biding his time, now. 6/20-6/22.
You dead, dawg.