Thursday, April 10, 2008

You're earning your tag today, fuck nuts.

I'm hard on Ray, I know. But I have to be. The guy just sucks. Really. He does.
Some quick numbers for the year:

Games: 5 IP: 3.7 H: 3 BB: 4 K: 1 HBP: 1 WHIP: 1.909

Those are your run-of-the-mill stats that everyone knows. Now, when you break it down...

He's averaging a HUGE 20.18 pitches, per inning! He's averaging .25 K/BB! He's averaging 9.82 BB, per game! I mean, shit, that's a lot for a LOOGY, don't you think? But, then again, Manny ain't using him in that role, is he? The Nats are hard on Chico as it is. Imagine if he walked 9.8 guys per game. Or only had 1K for every 4 walks!

His line from last night? 1.0 IP; 2 BB's. He threw a total of 22 pitches, and exactly half were strikes (11). Strikes are included in balls hit resulting in outs, so that means the guy threw 11 balls in his one inning of play.

How in the name of fucking Christ does this man still have a spot on the roster?!? I guaran-fucking-tee I could put up those numbers. And I'm being dead serious. If I see that dick hole warming up in the bullpen for the next game I go to (this Sat. vs. the Braves), I'll be escorted out in handcuffs, and put on trial for murder. 'Cause I may just have to choke a bitch.


Rob said...

At least you got to the game. Mine was tornado-ed out. No shit.

Phishisgr8 said...

Tornado-ed, eh? Best thing that could've ever happened to Texas. We were so close, America.

Andrew Fox said...

At least it saved your sorry ass team from losing AGAIN to the ORIOLES. Fucking pathetic.

Rob said...

Jealous Bastards.