Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shawn Hill? Apparantly.

I still think Hill will get scratched from the lineup at..like..6:55, but that's just me.

It don't make no difference, though. Throwing for the Marlins? Burke Badenhop. Stop laughing. Seriously. His mommy loves her some alliteration. It's his third major league start of his career. Two words for you, rook:

Washington Fucking Nationals.

Today, we win our second in a row, and begin our fantastic drive to finishing 2008 with a record of 150-12.

So if Hill is on the roster, who got got demoted? No one. It turns out LoDu is broken. Sweet! Nieves on the roster till 5/29. Let's see if Manny gives him a few more starts than Estrada. Also getting a weird start is Flop, who will be at short stop. Maybe Manny leaves him at lead off?

Let's win this one 85-1, and make it a great day for the DC sports scene. The Cappies won their playoff game today, and play again on Monday. What? Who? The Wizards?

Base-ket-ball? O.o

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