Thursday, April 17, 2008

LoDu on Barry's blog? Please.

So, all of a sudden, some dude on Barry's blog (clickie the link to the right, ungrateful fucks!) is using the name Paul L, and is impersonating LoDuca. A bunch of the posters over there are actually buying it. Me? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeet. As I commented over there, LoDu's computer is really simple. He turns it on, and it goes straight to MySpace. He doesn't have the slightest idea how to access any other webpage.
Lannan going tonight against......hold on, my computers being slow today...do I still have that chick's myspace page open? God damn. Kids today, they put so much shit on those pages. Hold on, just came across this quote on her page:

stealing stuff...
you know,
like hearts and shit

Paul, if it really is you, and you found my blog, and clicked on her link, and took her on one of your swell dates? Well, you two were destined to be, my friend. She's your lobster.

Ok..Lannan vs. Nelson Figueroa? Isn't he their right fielder? What? Oh, that's Angel Pagan? Whatever..Figueroa, Pagan..Smith, Jones.

JESUS! The thing's I do for you readers. Do yourself a favor..do NOT look up Fig's (no, I didn't want to spell his name again) profile. One. Ugly. Dude. Guy's got bigger eyebrows than Jim's dad from American Pie.

No predictions tonight. I don't wanna jinx the guys. Lets just say I feel we might put up a lot of runs tonight. Like more than.... I dunno.... 40. I'm out, suckers.


Puttzy said...

Lobster . . . .what that is a good pull of a semi obscure classic. Nicely done.

How long did it take yu to pick some chick off of myspace?

Rob said...

Only the Rangers can score close to that number of runs. 33 to be exact. Nice job by the Crapitals last night. Ovi blows.

Phishisgr8 said...

She was the first chick with a picture in a 20 mile radius of my Maryland suburbs zip code. Ain't too hard to find dumb chicks on myspace.

We are not speaking of/about the Caps today. Thank you.