Monday, April 7, 2008


Since there weren't any Nats games this weekend (what? no, no. I refuse to acknowledge those things they called "games." Atrocious) I thought I would take this moment to recognize one of the greatest living athletes of our time. Mr. Alex Ovechkin:
Not only did he lead the Caps to the promised land, the playoffs, but he secured them a one three seed! Up next to be destroyed by the sheer awesomeness of Ovie? Well, besides his Russian girlfriend's vag? The Flyers. Them fuck butts!
Ovie also grabbed some hardware, the Art Ross and Maurice Richard trophies for leading the league in points and goals. The MVP trophy will arrive shortly.

Short story about the bobble head. These were distributed at Saturday's game. No, I didn't go. I went out drinking, and when we moved on to the second bar, I saw the bobble head on the bar, and knew it had to be mine. I walked up to the douche bag who had it and offered him 20 bucks. He said it was worth more than that because his girlfriend loves Ovie. Whatever. Next thing I know I'm playing Let's Make a Deal with this guy. I came away with the bobble head, as you can see. How much did I pay? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much, my friends. Way too much.


Andrew Fox said...
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Phishisgr8 said...

I thought the Hart trophy was for MVP? Whatever your name.

Phishisgr8 said...

No sir. I refer you to the following link, so you may bone up on your NHL trophy knowledge. To summarize: I rule, you drool.


Andrew Fox said...

Of course the Art Ross is for points and Richard is for goals. That's what we're talking about!

Rob said...

The Crapitals Blow.

Andrew Fox said...

I'll fight you.