Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Capt Redd vs. the Injins

Well, another game tonight, and another chance for me to see Capt. Redd in person. He's going up against...looks like Tim Galvine, who's started the year 0-1 and has a WHIP of 1.73. Not sure how to break it to the guy, but I don't think he'll last long in this league. Plus, he looks like a real pussy.

No line-ups posted yet, but I'd be interested to see what Manny does about the catcher position. Keep with the hot Nieves? Throw pear-man in there? Look, I like Estrada, I really do. He just happens to be a chubby fat ass. I dig his stirrups, though! Old school, like Babe Ruth. Just as fat, too.

To Kearnsie and Zim: Might be time for a slump-buster, fellas. LoDu and Blastings have some chicks on speed dial, I'm sure. Hit 'em up, dudes. Austin, your from Kentucky, so I'm pretty sure you'll like this strange. Too bad your name is not Richard. Zim? I hear this chick likes ballplayers.

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