Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So, I was toying with the idea of live blogging a game this week. I had tonight in mind, but forgot the Caps were playing as well. Since hopping on the bandwagon is all the fucking rage, I'll be flipping between the Nats and Caps tonight. (BTW, a guy at the park on Saturday tried starting a "N-A-T-S nats, nats, nats" cheer. I thought it was lame, and would've told him to his face, but I was to busy filling in all the little diamonds in the score book with all those Braves runs.)
We got Rental Perez, they got some dude named Pelty, or Peltry. What? Pelfrey? OK, they got Pelfrey going.
I got an email today from a Nats player who overheard the following conversation* on the way to NY yesterday:

LoDu: LMillz, what do you have in store for those faggots back in New York?
Blastings: Paul, please. That term offends me. Respect the gay community.
LoDu: Wow, LMillz, I didn't know it bugged you so much. You gay? I mean, hell I could care less, just wondering?
Blastings: Me? Gay? I am not, no. Not that I hold anything against the gay community..I just like them bitches to bend they ho ass knees.
LoDu: Ha! Yeah! Right on, LMillz. You one funny dude. Bend they knees..
::giggle:: ::snort::

*may or may not actually be true.


Puttzy said...

Wow - what an original dude! One cheer two teams. For his sake I hope he doesn't have a kid named M-I-K-E, Mike Mike Mike.

Andrew Fox said...

I could care less that Chico Man burgles turds.

Rob said...

I could care less about reading an inning-by-inning blog about the shitty nationals.

Andrew Fox said...

Go lose to the Orioles again.