Monday, April 14, 2008

Winner winner. Chicken dinner.

WMP. Weapons of mass production? More like weapons of mass penis eating. Thanks for the 0 for 4 (3 K's), not to mention the error, chuckle head.
Chad, welcome back to you, as well. I'm sure Rauchie appreciated you loading them up, just to turn it over to him. Good thing he came in and slammed the door on them Injins.
Off day today for our band of swashbuckling heroes. Start a 3 game NY trip tomorrow. I'm looking forward to LoDu and Blastings giving the Mets fans a big healthy serving of shut the fuck up.
Oh, shit. Almost forgot. GOOZ!! Way to get that first walk of the season. Only took you 14 games. At least you're starting to think like a lead off hitter now, you fuck nut.

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