Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Matt Chico = Guaranteed Victory!

My favorite left coast lefty tossed 5 1/3 innings on Monday, and left the game as the pitcher of record, and set to get a win. Hanny came in, did his thing, and left it up to the Burger King. King's line? Well, he allowed 3 runs (2 of them charged to Hanny) and the game was tied up. Fucking LOOGY. I swear, I hate that man.
Anyway, the story of the game was offense. The 2 - 7 hitters ALL had at least one RBI. The 1 hitter, Goozie, got on base twice, however, and scored both times. The biggest loser? Willie Harris. I know, you're fucking shocked. Hey, Willie, thanks a shit load for that 0h for four. Loser.
Blastings hit a freaking moon shot 2 run job in the sixth that hit a Phillie fan in the head. He woke up speaking perfect English, and had impeccable manners. The Federal Government is thinking of allowing the Nationals to take batting practice in CBP, with the residents of Philly packing the outfield stands while blindfolded.
Kearnsie had a 2 run 2B, and Slick went 2-4 with two runs scored. Be very afraid, NL ball clubs. This offense ain't trifling.

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