Tuesday, April 15, 2008

WTF is wrong with PA mascots?

Random question: Why the fuck can't Penisylvania make their mascots look like, I dunno, what the hell they're supposed to be? Christ.

Up first? The Penn State Nittany Bear Lion:

What does that look like? That's right, a FUCKING BEAR. Retards. Witness it's likeness:

Another example of Pennisylvania's mascot designers at their finest? Iceburgh, the Pittsburgh Penguins mascot:

I know, I know. I'm still trying to figure it out myself. What the hell is that thing? Sure as fuck ain't one of these:

If anyone can get me some of the fine ass weed those mascot makers were smoking, send a bag my way. I'll sell it, of course, but send it anyway. The Caps look forward to crushing said Penguins if they [the Penguins] can get by the Senators. Ovie's shoulder has got a date with Cindy Crosby's face.


Andrew Fox said...

Flyers, dude. Flyers.

You forgot the Steelers' mascot: Steely McBeam.

Andrew Fox said...

Wait, if the Penguins can get by the Senators? I see what you did there!

Puttzy said...

Hey shit stain. Just because we don't belittle a people that have endured years of torment from the white man.

For simplicities sake your area shares a fucking mascot. Hmmm what says DC metro area . . . Oh lets choose an eagle!! That should sum it all up.

God forbid anyone think outside the box.

Oh and have fun gettin whooped on by Filthydelphia

Phishisgr8 said...

Na, Steely McBeam kinda looks like all Pitt steel workers. Complete with the correct amount of gay, and jaundice!

Yes, I should've made it more clear I was talking about Pitt beating Ottawa, but I figured it's common knowledge that the Caps will beat the Phlyers.

Screech would fuck up that faggy pitt parrot.