Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fare thee well, Kinger

I kinda forced that last post, cause there wasn't much to write about. Now? It's getting good!

From Barry:

LHP Ray King is a free agent. The Nationals optioned him down to Class AAA Columbus last week. King [snip] declined. Therefore, he's a free agent.

Good riddance to fat rubbish. I'm not saying I hate you , Ray. Your prolly a nice guy and all..but..well..how to put it? If I had the choice of seeing your fat ass enter the game in a clutch situation, or punching an angel in the throat, and dealing with those repercussions? Well, I'll deal with Jeebus, thanks.


Puttzy said...

But who is gonna blow games for ya late now?

Phishisgr8 said...

Didn't you watch the game last night? No one, dude. Bullpen is rock solid. especially since they took Cordero out of the game with an arm injury (I think I saw it fall off).