Monday, April 14, 2008

Target is lit

Pop quiz, hot shots. Where is this view from:

If you guessed "your season ticket seats" you are correct.

If you guessed "from the sights of a laser guided missile" your thinking is right in line with mine.

Someone please pass this info along to Manny. Please. Seriously. (From Barry Svrlg):

King does what he's supposed to do against left-handed hitters, having retired eight of nine this year. (Right-handers have reached base six of the nine times he's faced them, however.)
Why in the name of Chico is Manny keeping him out there to face righties? I mean, Jesus H. Christ on a whore, that's stupid. arrgghh.


Rob said...

I knowKing is the fat guy on the right, but who's on the left? Is that some ball boy or something? You know you suck when only the ball boy will sit next to you.

Phishisgr8 said...

That's Nilson Robledo. He's been the Expos/Nats bullpen catcher since 2003.
Look, in all probability, Ray King surely smells pretty bad. Would you wanna sit near him?