Monday, April 28, 2008

Johnny Freaking Lannan

Let it be said, Johnny Lannan is one sexy mother fucker. You've all seen the stats by now, so no need to repeat them here.

What EVER! Peep this shit, folks:

Last 3 starts: 2-0; 20 IP; 0.45 ERA; 7 BB; 18 K; 101 pitches/game; 19 consecutive scoreless innings. I even did the math, and his WHIP over those games? That, my friends, is a fucking delicious 0.95.

So, to recap.. Lannan = Buddha (who would beat the Christian God's butt in hand to hand combat.)

Things ain't all hugs and hand pounds smiles and grab assing in the clubhouse, however. We still have to have the offense...err...I dunno..not suck. (Flop and Gooz exempt)

Leading the blow brigade is our very own, very mortal Zim. Followed by Kearnsie, WMP, and (I have to say) Slick.
Zim 108 .222 .256 22 10
Kearnsie 91 .187 .308 16 10
WMP 47 .170 .220 15 2
Slick 74 .216 .392 18 14

Thems there stats ain't pretty. Down right Sam Cassell ugly, in fact.

Day off today, then we welcome the Injins back into town.


Puttzy said...

So in your mind the CY Young race is between two pitchers on the same team?

Phishisgr8 said...

It's like your in my head. Reading my mind....eerie.