Sunday, May 4, 2008

Going for the series win

Nationals send Capt. Redd to the hill to defeat Ian Oquendo. I mean Snell. You see, Ian used his wife's last name (Oquendo) from 2001-2003. Why? Got me, my friends. You got me. See, Ian's a hard guy to figure out (unless you're a hitter, then he's pretty easy to figure out). He plays for a team that resides in Pittsburgh. You would prolly want to endear yourself to the Pittsburgians, no? Well, not good ol' Ian. (quote courtesy of Mondesishouse)

In an interview with ESPN 1250's Ken Laird, Pirate pitcher Ian Snell was asked about his off-season plans. Laird asked if Snell planned on staying around the city.
Snell's response?
"I would never be caught living in Pittsburgh. It's not my type of city."

Seems like one helluva guy. I look forward to the Nats putting up 37 hits on him today.


Anonymous said...

LOL @ the Pirates. Thanks for stopping by.

Section 138 said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Although I'll be giving it a shot later today.

Rob Birch said...

Break up the Nats.