Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let's lighten the mood, shall we?

So, yeah, I was pretty bummed last night. The good news? It's an off day today, so our boys can't stab me in the heart anymore (today). Also, this gem straight from Jimmy Bowden himself:

On Jesus Flores: Last night [Tuesday 5/20] he called a phenomenal game with Bergmann. He made the great block at the plate [Watch it again!]. And the thing that's most impressive with Jesus - last year he struggled, mechanically, his approach with pop ups. This year he's catching all of us. ... He's developing before our eyes.
On whether Flores should stay in the lineup once Lo Duca is healthy: You have to give him more at bats and more games, but since he's been back this time he's certainly showed that. ... it's going to be extremely hard to take him out of the lineup if he plays like this [Read: Fuck you, LoDu! Have fun counting your cash while you're on the bench.]. We're about developing players.

Anyway, in honor of the majority of the team not being able to distinguish their head from their ass (and YOU in particular, Elijah. 2 hits? Really? 12 K's? Really?), I thought it appropriate to post this picture. It's a visor we got for free on visor give-a-way day. We didn't catch the difference at first, but once we saw it, we knew it was a keeper. Worse fuck up: Nats offense or Nats visor? Discuss.

P.S. Wrigley dog is saying hi in the background. He's a cute lil' dude, right? Don't ya wanna just squeeze him? I do!


Rebecca said...

Super cute dog! Wrigley? hmm..how does he feel about you not having a Cubs blog?

Phishisgr8 said...

He doesn't know it's not a cubs blog. Because he can't read.
Because he's a dog.
But a cute dog!

Rebecca said...

Oh, he knows, he knows.

The Doctor said...

The visor works if you wear it upside down. Duh.

Phishisgr8 said...

I'm half tempted to delete the doctor's comment...