Saturday, May 3, 2008

Aliens! Ahh!

The reports are still quiet and few, but from what I have gathered, here is what we know:
  • Johnny Lannan was abducted by aliens, and replaced by an inferior Martian body form.
  • The Martian body form was only a 7% representation of Johnny.
  • Aliens attempted to also replace Wil the Thril, but he fought off 83 attackers killing 82 and maiming 1.
  • Matthew Chico has been in Nationals protective custody the last 48 hours, making his abduction impossible.
So, the Pirates will send Paul Mahome, the pride of Greenwood, MS (giggle) up against #47, who is working on an extra days rest. Expect Matty to top 100 mph today, and hold the Pirates to three hits.
I'll be at the park, celebrating the sweet sweet taste of victory. Maybe Mi Hermano will join me?

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