Wednesday, May 21, 2008

They're KILLING me, Whitey. They're killing me.

Bergmann threw an incredible game. When he got in a jam in the 7th, he worked out of it, and the Phillies didn't score. Saul came in and threw a great 8th, again, no score for the Phillies.

/Puts on manager cap
Me: Hey, Randy. Let's get Ayala up to throw the 9th. Then we can bring in Rauch for the 10th, if need be.
/Takes off manager hat

Manny brings in Rauch for the 9th (where the score is still 0-0). Leadoff hitter doubles. He gets pinch run for. Sacrifice bunt moves him to 3rd base, one out. Dobbs up to bat.

/Puts manager cap back on
Me (in a text message): Walk him (Dobbs) to set up the double play? I would.
/Takes off manager hat

Dobbs singles to center to score the go ahead (and winning) run.

I could just end this post here, and slam my head into the wall and die. I won't however. In the same inning, with two outs, Dobbs was still on first. Victorino came up and hit a ball into left center while Mills was playing him waaaay over in right. Milledge ran a country mile to get the ball, fired off a shot to the cut off man (Goooz) who turned and fired to home to try and get Dobbs at home. It looked like Dobbs scored. He did not, however. Why? Because Jesus made an incredible block of the plate. I mean, he put on a fucking clinic. That's the best block I've seen since my friend's wife got a diaphragm. Just awesome. I actually have a link here for that play, but I want to preface it by saying something. I don't hate Bob Carpenter, but I do hate some of the things he does. What irks me the most about him is how he "forecasts" the call. I just want to punch him in the nuts when he does that. Jesus, Bob, just wait for the play to develop, and end. Don't call it before the fucking umpire does, okay? Now, here's the link, which includes audio of Bob Carpenter doing his worst.

I got nothing for the offense. They know the suck. They have to, right? I do want to give props to Dooks, however. He came up with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th. He worked a walk on 6 pitches. What does he do next? Mother fucker steals second, and third. These were steals too, not defense indifference. Mackowakiak walked and Flop came up. I actually found myself thinking, "he can do this. Flop's been hitting well this year!" Well, poop on me for thinking that, as he grounded out to end the game. 1-0 loss to the Philthies. Sets up the rubber game today, with el muy hermoso left coast lefty on the bump. Now, how bout we give him some offense? Offense on three, ready? ONE-TWO-THREE..


Rebecca said...

I don't know why you like chico so much. Not your brother. The baseball player.

Puttzy said...

If only Mike Lavalier could have blocked the plate I may still care a little bit about baseball. My appreciation for the game died a little back on that day.

Section 138 said...

Because he was all we had last year, pitching wise. I mean, Cordero was Cordero, and the Wookie led the league in appearances.. but what Chico did was amazing. Never pitched above Double AA, and made the most starts for the Nats, and had the most wins. Plus, his name's Chico!!

Section 138 said...

Spanky couldn't hold Jesus' jock.
btw..it was 1992, dude. 15 years. Time to let it go?

Anonymous said...