Friday, May 2, 2008

Lannan + Nieves = ZOMG!!!11!!!!11

So, I have tickets for tomorrow's game. I was pretty pumped, because that was Johnny's turn in the rotation. Fuck sticks. That's ok, though. Just means I get to see an extra rested #47 (in the scorecards, but #1 in our hearts!) destroy the meager Pirate batters. Plus, Wil the Thril may end up hanging in the bullpen again. That was neato-torpedo.
So, that means on tap for tonight is the aforementioned 2008 NL Cy Young award winner, Mr Johnny Lannans vs. Phil Dumatrait. Phil fucking Dumatrait. I know folks say we take all the Reds castoffs, but this fucker put up an 0-4 record with a 15.00 ERA in Cinci last year.With a 2.83 WHIP. Stop laughing, the Pittsburgh fans are starting to pout.
Since Johnny's throwing, that means we also have the awesomely awesome Wil Nieves behind the plate. The 185 lb bundle of fuck-you-up is set to roll. He's gonna catch a no-hitter, while hitting for the cycle tonight. Shit's gonna be silly!
I won't be able to watch, however, for a shitty high school in NOVA needs my superior umpiring ability. As always, sending the score via telekinesis is much appreciated.

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