Monday, May 12, 2008

Hrmmm. Quite fitting.

So, despite my recent rantings about the ludicrous prices of Meat bobbleheads, I broke down and won bought one off eBay. I mean, who the hell was I kidding saying I could hold out? This is a Washington National's bobblehead, people!! And, it's MEAT! So, it arrived this morning, and imagine my dismay, and absolute terror, when I opened it up to find it looking like this.

It's a fucking epidemic, people!! Soon there will be 15 guys with arms falling off!! Why, God? Why must you smite us so?

p.s. That dude's feedback is gonna be in the crapper when I'm done rating him. Yeah!

p.p.s. I don't want to hear any comments about my snowman mug! Snowmen rock all year round, damnit!


Puttzy said...

why was he walking like an Egyptian any way?

Rebecca said...

poor dimitri - lost his arm. is that why he is on the DL?

Section 138 said...

He was walking like an Egyption because he just frickin LOVES the Bangles.

He's on the DL for his lower back/hip, but it's gonna be pretty hard to play with only one arm. Just asked Lodu, Cordero, and Estrada.