Friday, May 2, 2008

Kearnsie poops on poopy Pirates

KEARNSIE! Much love to my beloved #25. Stroking home the winning run. I like that. Speaking of stroking, I gotta get this out of the way. Da Meat Hook has been on the DL with a bad back, and it was just a shitty situation. Nothing was getting better. There were two consultations with doctors (3 if you count Andrew's opinion), and even a call into the Mayo Clinic. Nothing was fixing this shit. That is...until a lady got her hands on Meat. Clipping from the WaPo notebook:

"Young worked with Nationals massage therapist Tatiana Tchamouroff, who focused on his penis hip flexor rather than his back.

"All of a sudden, he felt instant release," Bowden said. "She found the spot."'

You want happy ending now?

Anyway, Nats destroyed the Pirates last night. I didn't get to watch any of the game, only listened to the first inning on the radio cause I had a game to umpire last night. I heard the call on Wil the Thril's 2 run poke, and knew the ballgame was over. I have yet to look at the box score, but I assume the Nationals had 29 hits and the Pirates 1.

Nats have now won 4 straight, and 7 of their last 9. Their record is now 12-17 (.414). Pirates? NOT SO GOOD! How's .393 feel, losers? Other losers? A certain frequent visitor's Rangers. .379? Good god man! Time to have Josh Hammy dealing his stuff in the locker room, maybe.

Well, more goodness to come tonight. Pirates? Maybe wanna bring some skill tonight. Forecast?:


YTIKJ said...

LOL at bringing the infield in in the 2nd inning of a scoreless game.

Same old Succos!

Puttzy said...

Oh in your silly comparison of the winning % you neglect to actually show the record. Just the %'s

12 - 17 (gnats)
11 - 17 (pierats)

Not such a super silly any more.

With a pirates win tonight those %'s flipped quicker than Chicos mom between your dad and his retired golf buddies.

Section 138 said...

It is what it is, my friend. .414 beats .393. Even your Slippery Stone education should teach you that.

Also, I don't think Chico Man's (not Matt Chico)dad golfs. Or has golf buddies, for that matter. Or were you talking about retired golfers that are now his buddies? Make more sense, please.

Go Succos!

YTIKJ said...

MLB has asked John Lannan to pitch right handed tonight to prevent the unparalleled pornography that would occur otherwise.

Rob Birch said...

I fail to see the reason behind bringing up the Rangers in a Washington Nationals blog. I would be okay with this if, perhaps, they were in the same League. I think you bring them up just to make your own pathetic team look just a little bit better. Never mind the fact that you just had a series with a sorry ass team....you now what? Whatever your name......

Section 138 said...

"I fail to see the reason behind bringing up the Rangers in a Washington Nationals blog"


It's my God damn blog, and I'll bring up whomever the fuck I please!

Seriously, Rob..what's up?