Monday, May 5, 2008

2008 Nats = Greatest team ever?

So, after disposing of the riff-raff this weekend, the Nats are 9-4 in their last 13, and 8-2 in their last 10. It's not like we've gotten to play the poopy Pirates every game, either. Check out these stats. Be forewarned, however: these will blow your friggin mind, man!

2-2 against the Mets
2-1 against the Cubs
2-0 against them injins
3-1 against the JV squad from Pittsburgh.

Like, whoa, man.

I was hella busy over the weekend, so I didn't get to post a lot. My apologies. Highlights from the weekend:
  • Wil the Thril made another bullpen appearance on Saturday, warming up Colome, Saul, and Luis. I had a cahnce to ask him if they get to keep the Negro League uni's they were wearing. He said he didn't know, but that he hopes so.
  • Rivera hails from a really, really, really bad part of Puerto Rico. I was sitting next to a friend of Saul's for the game, and he mentioned that it was the "area no one goes to. Not even the people who live in Puerto Rico go there. It's bad, man." So, Saul should feel right at home in South East D.C.
  • Saul and Wil are quickly gaining ground on Mi Hermano for "bestest person ever" status.
  • The three white guys in the pen are dicks. Gas face for Hammer Hands, Connie, and Rauchie.
  • I now possess the nickname Saul had growing up in Puerto Rico. Said the person that gave it to me when I asked him what it meant, "Ask Saul." I'm not sure if I should ever use it.
Day of rest for our golden Gods today. Start up a three game set in the Gross State of Texas on Tuesday. You know the old saying about Texas..Only steers and queers come from Texas, and the Astros are retarded fuck-faces on a stick.


Rob Birch said...

Jesus Christ, man. A little tact for us Texans would be nice.

Section 138 said...

I would like to apologize to all Texans that I offended with this post.
Good thing most of them can't read.

Anonymous said...

Stars win, good for business!

Puttzy said...

Come on . . . whats the nickname. Chicoman can translate I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Chico Man can barely speak English, much less translate something in Spanish.