Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On to Estes...

Ya know, I've got a lot to write about, but not too much time to do it. Sorry about that, folks. I promise, I'll roll out a serious post here soon. (As a heads up for the article, though, it's about the shitty situation I think [you think? Way to go out on a limb] is developing in the outfield.)
So, some stuff happened last night, and the Nats lost. I'm not sure where to start (Umm..Shawn? You can't get away with five walks in one inning, pal. Charlie Manning? More like Eli Cooper Manning. Way to go, Hammer Hands. More like Homer (giver-upper) Hands.) so I won't. Instead, let's look to this evening:
Rental Perez against Shawn Estes. You may remember Shawn Estes from...well, if you remember him, you a genius! He's appeared in 4 games in 3 years. Sterling attendance record there, Shawn. The only thing you might actually remember the guy from was when he was sent to the hill by the Mets to plunk Roger Clemens in 2002. Now, Clemens ain't a skinny guy, by any means, but Estes managed to miss him with the pitch; It went behind Clemens by about two feet. Bad aim? More like bad gonads. More than one person was upset at Estes for not hitting Clemens, and more than one questioned his guts. I just can't find those references anywhere on these here intertubes. Was the Internet even around in 2002? That was like, decades ago, man.
So, bottom line, don't look for any retaliation tonight from Estes. Guys, feel free to plunk the entire Padres line up. Please.

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