Friday, May 9, 2008

Johhny Savior

Johnny comes through again. All hail St. Lannan. He toyed with the Astros last night. He walked the first hitter of the ballgame, just to throw them off. Idiots got cocky, and thought they could win. Losers. Manny gave a couple guys the night off, cause he knew it wouldn't be a close game. Mackowakiak and Willie H hit a bomb each, and Kearnsie and Slick added some RBIs if their own. So, with that, we bid farewell to the hell hole that is Houston.

A couple injury updates, LoDu and Estrada are both being put on the DL. Jesus will be brought up, and my main man Dooksie is going to be activated. My God, Nationals are being broken at an alarming rate. I was able to chat with team physician, Dr. Benjamin Shaffer, MD, and he showed me the x-rays from Chad, LoDu, and Estrada. I managed to steal them when he wasn't looking, and smuggled them home. I scanned them in for you guys. Here you go.

Interesting how they're all the same, no? Poor guys are frowning, too. That's all right, though. They'll be back good as new shitty as ever in 30 days or so.

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