Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Live by Kearnsie, die by Kearnsie

I'm all for Kearnsie making that dive attempt. 2 outs, on the road? Need that catch, and that's that. Nobody better utter a peep about him. OK? Great.
LoDu, though? Pile the fuck on, my friends. Lance Berkman with 2 SB's? Really? This is a guy who has 54 career stolen bases in his previous 9 years. I'm not sure if Paulie could throw out my Grandmother, and she's been dead since 1995.
Anyone else think Manny's positioning of the OF was weird? Especially in the bottom of the 8th. He had Blastings playing right-center on Tejada, who ended up dropping one into center that Blastings couldn't get to. Then, Manny has Blastings playing left-center on Berkman, who stroked one up the middle. Again, maybe Blastings gets to that ball if he's playing straight away. Then again, maybe not. It seemed as though him and WMP were battling it out to see who could get the "most atrocious defensive performance" award for last night. Great googilly moogilly was that bad. Might as well just put two nets out there. They'd have the same range as those two, and would cost nothing. Shit, the net could hit better than WMP, too.
Finally... say it ain't so! Barry over at the WaPo decides to casually drop this in his gamer:
Asked about potential changes in the rotation, Acta said, "If we make a change, we'll let you know." Bergmann, demoted to Columbus on April 12, last pitched Sunday, so he would be right on his turn to take Chico's spot if need be.

If this happens to our beloved #47, I'm not sure what I'll do. Hunger strike? Boycott? Smash stuff? Drink till I'm dead? I don't even want to think about it. I had a chance to ask my cat, Chico Cat, what he thought of the situation. I hope your reading this, Bowden. I hope you like the fact that you're breaking his teeny lil' Chico loving heart!

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