Friday, May 9, 2008

The weekend is here, have a can of beer

It's the fish coming back into town. I gotta admit, I ain't too motivated to write about them. Seriously. So, you get a quickie preview and like it. On the hill tonight is good ol' Capt. Redd for the good guys, against stinky ol' Ricky Tabasco for the Marlins. Ricky is from Corona, CA, and is sporting a 6.10 ERA, and a nasty snarl.

Ain't he a tough looking one? Cheer up, Ricky. You're from Corona, CA. Home of The Golden Cheese Company of California, one of the largest cheese factories in the world!

No lineups yet, but I'd bet we see Blastings back in center. Maybe Dooks in left? Enjoy the game, kiddies!

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