Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another ex Nat throwing tonight?

So, Chico Harlan and Barry Svrlg had their usual Wednesday chat today. Imagine my surprise when I see this question pop up:

Section 138: John Lannan. Actually a mortal being?

Barry Svrluga: It would appear that way, wouldn't it? Last night, he was more erratic than usual, particularly in the strike zone, giving up all those hits. But think of it this way, too: If Austin Kearns can somehow snare Ryan Church's absolutely scorched line drive, Lannan gets out of a six-inning outing having allowed just two runs. I think in the big picture Lannan is doing quite well. He's not afraid of situations, he'll pitch inside, and he's learning on the fly with really respectable results.

Wait..wait a minute! Section 138? That's my section! There must be some savvy Nats fans that sit in that section. Which is weird, because I've never seen the same people there twice this season. Hmm.

I actually think Barry missed the point of my question, but whatever. I didn't think he looked bad at all last night. I was questioning the blood/tissue make up of Mr. Lannans. Like, maybe he's an alien, or a robot.

I made an error (WHAT? YOU? NO!) earlier this week. I assumed Chico was going to take O'Connor's starting spot, since they brought up Schroder (a reliever). Well, today they announced Jason Bergmann would get the start tomorrow. Matt, bro, I'm sorry. I know you would rather be starting. So, I made another card for you.

Finally, we have Capt. Redd on the bump tonight. His opponent? Claudio "6 teams in 4 seasons" Vargas. Hey, he played in the Nats organization for a while. You would think a club with pitching problems like the Nats had in 2005 wouldn't give this guy up, right? What's that? Oh, apparently he went 0-3 with a 9.24 ERA in 4 starts for the Nats back then. Good luck, sir. You're gonna need it against our mighty men. We welcome you to the Majors this year, along with your 1-1 record with a 4.91 ERA from AAA. Hope you last longer than Figuroro did.


The Doctor said...

Check out the question from Los Angeles, CA!

Phishisgr8 said...

There you go, hating on Nick's ability to heal. If I remember correctly, you had Nick not playing again until, never with his broken leg.

To be honest though, this is a concern to me.

The Doctor said...