Thursday, May 15, 2008

Slick = Healthy as a horse. Day game. Updated: A Win!

Edit: Post game comments at the end of this post.
Two quick points to hit on. First, Nick Johnson will be out 4-6 weeks with a "tear of the tendon sheath in his right wrist." Jesus. This guy is more fragile than Barbaro and Eight Belles combined. Luckily, Meat will be coming up to the big league club and will man first base. He won't be playing first base, he'll just be standing around it, doing his best to not fall down.
Second, I have to use MLB Gameday (more like Lameday) today for the day game. I brought in another radio, but still couldn't get a signal. I am convinced my work has my office surrounded by lead plates to block out all radio signals. Seems like something they would do, given they already blocked youtube. Bastards.
I can't help but feel bad for Bergie here. He got called back up, but at the expense of Chico. I'm sure he's getting millions of hate emails right about now, and not just from me. Anyway, Go Nats, Mets you suck.

BREAKING NEWS: Mets catcher Ramon Castro, member of the Beagle Boys Gang?


Well, the Nats did it. They won 3 out of 4 in this series. The game was actually decent on MLB's Gameday (I will forever drop my nickname of Lameday), especially since they now have video features added quickly, and pitch counts. That being said, for the Nats 1-0 win today, I'd like to thank some folks.

I would like to thank:
  • The Academy for the nomination.
  • Jason Bergmann for his awesome performance throwing the ball today.
  • Jesus Flores for his all around coolness, and his double to kick start the 8th.
  • Your mother for a butt like that.
  • Flop for his RBI fly to deep left.
  • GOOZ! for his heads up scamper to third to receive Boonie's throw to get Reyes trying to advance to 3rd on a sacrifice bunt.
  • Willie Harris for his gravity defying catch in the 9th. If that drops, Beltran might score.
  • My fiance, whose stood by me through thick and thin. I love you sweetie!
  • Carlos Beltran or Willie Randolph, for Beltran breaking to the plate on contact for the double play to end the 9th.
  • And finally, to mi hermano, LUUUUUUUIS. I love you buddy. Awesomely awesome scoreless inning there, Luis. I think you're back, baby.


Puttzy said...

Wow . . . Just wow . . . .how did you pull the beagle boys gang! Money call, but I'm more impressed with the pull for the comparison

Section 138 said...

Everyone knows the beagle boys gang, no?
As soon as I saw Castro's mug I thought, "Jesus, he's a member of the beagle boys gang!"

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh, nothing yet on the BIG INTERLEAGUE BATTLE that starts tonight?

You're slipping, son.